by Sycamore Smith

Let me be the darkness you get off in
You can be the hard-bitten broad I soften
Till you promise you will never, ever leave me
Very often
No, that's not a bracelet, those are stitches
I got when I was digging in the ditches
Hiding in the sticks, dodging dicks
And their barking bitches
The man who put the bomp in the bomp-a-bomp
Is dragging his wife from the edge of the swamp
She drank, she drank, she drowned
Cash in your lust for some ash and some dust
You can scatter all around
And grind and grind in the ground
Yes, I know my head is salt and peppered
Sit and say grace to the shoving leopard
And bury this blade that I made
From the jaw of a German Shepherd
I was hung like a horse and went looking for action
Now I'm hung like a horse in traction
Sad fact is hon,
I can't stand no satisfaction
The man with the battle axe hacks at the wedding bell
The man with the ball & chain goes down the well
The man who put the
"Wham-bam-thank-you" in the ma'am has a smoke
The man who put the ring on the rang-a-tang
Is paying for a poke