Mostly Midwest's
review of "Grosspapa"

Allmusic reviews:
Sycamore Smith - "Redux"
The Redettes - "Ed"

Sycamore Smith and Matt Bullock
  host a free music podcast called
The Podster Casters

Some bandcamp & itunes album links:
Sycamore Smith & the Gray Beast - "Syc Nurse"
Sycamore Smith - "Redux"
The Redettes - "Ed"

Read about Sycamore Smith in Ted McClelland's book
The Third Coast

Read about The Redettes in the
Cincinnati City Beat

 Sycamore Smith's Mostly Midwest Bridgehouse Session

Purchase digital recordings of
Sycamore Smith's former band
The Muldoons at MI Upper Hand
(Half of the proceeds go to the
Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter)

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