by Sycamore Smith

Introducing Abigail Crow
Introducing a family of moles
Introducing a bear trap in Sycamore Woods
Where this tragic tale unfolds...
Abigail Crow was attempting to hatch
When she fell from the nest
Onto a shell-cracking patch of stone far below
She knocked herself out and shook up her innards
Her parents just left her there
To be some scavenger's dinner
But when she came to, she was down in a hole--
She had been rescued by a friendly family of moles
Abigail Crow

She learned to root around and dug dozens of holes
But as she grew and grew she knew she wasn't a mole
She felt all alone and it was busting her soul in two
Abigail Crow never learned how to fly
While murders of her fellow birds were flirting in the sky
Abigail Crow could only stand there and sigh...
Abigail Crow
One morning she was walking
Forlornly through the forest
When she stepped on a bear trap,
Much to her horror--oh, no!
The trap began to close and gave her quite a scare
So she flapped her wings and jumped
And kinda hung right there in mid-air
But half a second into that maiden flight
The trap snapped shut and cut her legs off
Right at the knees
Oh, Jeez, oh,
Abigail Crow

The pain was more than she could stand
She flailed and fled and bled a bit but never did land
For that's the sort of thing a poor legless crow no can do
She spent half her life down working underground
She spent the other half up circling around
She wandered through the wild blue yonder
Till her wings were sore
And then she soared some more...
Abigail Crow
But that was long ago--now Abigail's dead
And when she died, she fell like a nine pound sledge
As I recall, she hit Flanagan right on the head...
Abigail Crow