by Sycamore Smith

Ever raking, ever drinking
Breaking windows, swearing, sinking
There they stand, defiant, reeking
They are the Brothers Ape

Spending more than they can earn
Leaving every bar-room burned
The Earth is dirt and they are the worms
Behold! the Brothers Ape

Living in a hallowed hall
Punching holes in hollow walls
Their breath will burn, their spit will scald
The enemies of Ape

They wear their hair shirts inside-out
Extend their fangs and walk about
From underground, the beasts slide out
To greet the Brothers Ape

They forge their daggers with their fists
And sharpen razors on their wrists
Cobras lift their heads and hiss
To cheer the Brothers Ape
No one knows who sent them
Or what forces might have bent them
In the night, you're followed by
Their silent, hunchbacked, shapes
They sense your fear, you cannot shake
The relentless Brothers Ape
And if they find their fangs have dulled
They'll cut some new ones from your skull
The vomitorium is full--
You can thank the Brothers Ape

They will draw & quarter you
And draw & quarter the quarters, too
The ropes are taut, the knots are true
Ride! you Brothers Ape!